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Heisuke continua a trascorrere giorni all'insegna della spensieratezza diviso fra i suoi doveri di studente e il cuginetto Aki. Questa routine, però, sarà presto interrotta da un evento inaspettato che li coinvolgerà entrambi...

ISBN: 9788832753929

DATA: 2018

AUTORE: Natsu Aogiri


NOME DEL FILE: Flat. Vol. 8.pdf


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But the important point to notice, is that these cells are always made at that degree of nearness to each other, that they would have intersected or broken into each other, if the spheres had been completed; but this is never permitted, the bees building perfectly flat walls of wax between the spheres which thus tend to intersect.

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Enough of the Convex Earth Flopumetnary! These guys are absolute jokes! This is just part 1 of a multi-video set that will expose these "Scientists" for the frauds they are! Hope you enjoy.