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Sul pianeta Sudra, dove convivono tutte le religioni del cosmo, Noa moltiplica i suoi miracoli davanti alla folla in delirio. Presto però dovrà affrontare la dolorosa verità sulla sua esistenza e sulle sue traumatiche origini...

ISBN: 9788865437506

DATA: 2016

AUTORE: Alessandro Barbucci,Barbara Canepa


NOME DEL FILE: Sudra. Sky Doll. Vol. 4.pdf


Sudra. Sky Doll. 4. - Alessandro Barbucci, Barbara Canepa ...

Sky Doll is full of important colour schemes, ones that are appeasing to the eye most definitely, but also schemes that define certain characters or places, and ones that are just simply genius. I gush about this because I am an artist, colour is a natural outlet of emotion and conveying a message with out saying or writing anything, so it is natural that it is something I look at first.

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Sky Doll: Sudra Collection Vol.1 ... In a parallel universe, the existence of a sweet, life-like android called Noa, a Sky Doll, has been turned upside down. After fleeing her tyrannical creator and fleeing to the far reaches of the galaxy to the planet Sudra, ...